Vital Technologies: HIPAA Survey

1. Is your office large enough to require a HIPAA compliance officer?
2. If so, have you appointed a HIPAA compliance officer?
3. Is your office of sufficient size to require a HIPAA self-assessment?
4. If so, have you performed the self-assessment?
5. Do you keep paper records of patients for backup purposes?
6. If so, are all paper records kept in locked storage except when needed to provide service to patients?
7. Do you back up your computers regularly?
8. If so, do you keep copies of the backups somewhere safe (home, other office, etc.) in case something happens at the main office?
9. Do you use email to share records with patients, business associates or other providers?
10. Do you use laptops or USB sticks so employees can take work home when needed?
11. What is your name?

12. What is your business name?

13. What is your email address?